Facebook and Social Media Marketing

With FB Marketing like all social media or normal marketing there has to be a strategy. A strategy consists of goals that are based on actions and get measurable results. by setting Goals in this way I will be directing the campaign. The main types of goals include: improving customer engagement, generating more leads, growing sales, increasing traffic, expanding reach, and enhancing a brand's perception. One of the biggest mistakes I can see is the use of social media without having a website. Social Media Information comes and goes from peoples timelines and a social media page does not often contain as much information as a website. The two should go hand in hand (you should have a social media business page as well as a website). Also mislabelling a social media page is a mistake if your site is about activisim labelling it as about education will not give it easy access to people looking for a political based organisation on fb Instagram etc.

How Facebook Meets the Goals

Organic Facebook Marketing

You can use organic fb marketing, which consists of posting info on your site about topics related to your business function, as well as joining groups that consists of hundreds or thousands of people and posting in those. This can be a good way to get started, its important to regularly post updates and talk to people in your FB audience. If someone want to argue with you simply block them, Your Social Media prescence will not be enhanced by online arguments.

Social media is meant to be conversational so its important to not to make it all hard sell on your site and instead include some humour, useful info which is relevant or to business or that will enhance the persons life and make them feel good.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

A facebook ad is a way of getting facebook to post ads in people timelines. I have got facebook to post 1000 ads a day for the equivalent of £2 a day. This was for a company in Hong Kong. When FB posts an ad on other people timelines, its not like you or me posting an ad thousands of times, in that I will be able to see it on my timeline as an ad if posted to 1000 different people

Facebook simply doesnt work that way they'd be too much clutter on your site. One of the people I worked for simply didnt believe me on this point, so the project fell through.

As you create the Facebook Ad, Facebook.com also creates the instagram ads for you. They're similar but different. You'll get good results on FB if your ads consists simply of pictures and words however to get good results on instagram you need video or carousel based ads.

Targeting in Facebook and Instagram

When you create ads you use the facebook ads manager. This allows you to create ads and target specific groups of people based on: countries, citys, towns, roads (location); also age range (between two ages but greater than 18); country they came from, languages they speak, if they have children, maritial status. Basically anything FB or Instagram asks you to fill out as you create your personal info page.

Purpose of Ads (According to Ads Manager)

Traffic Increase

Ads are meant for different purposes, 1 on them is to drive more traffic to your site. This is achieved by having an ad which takes people to your site when you click on its learn more button. Using this ad strategy has caused a significant increase in traffic for a business I helped.

Post Engagement

Ads are also meant for post engagement so the emphasis of this will be to get likes and shares and get people interacting with facebook page so as the create a greater future customer base. I find it is harder to get a like or share as a result of FB ads, than it is to get more trade comming through a website as a result of FB ads.

Links to Resources to Learn FB Marketing

Theres a lot more to learn about FB Marketing and Instagram Marketing, not to mention Pinterest and other social media, as well as stats etc, here are some Links to resources I've found useful: Social Media All In One For Dummies (PAPERBACK), Social Media All In One for Dummies (KINDLE EDITION)

Please dont be put of by the title "For Dummies". These are excellent resources and can take you from beginner to professional. Some of these books I've bought can be seen on this image: