How I Work

I'm not running a business but work on a PAYE basis. I have helped charities in the past. This website is more like a live C.V. than a businesses ad. It takes me about 6 hours to make each different page layout.

As well as the pages that make up a website, every website has to be marketed. The bigger the business and or the more the competition in an area the more it has to be marketed. Smaller businesses may only make between 6 and 10 hours a month. The largest businesses i've worked for called the John Pounds Centre on this Link: John Pounds took about 8 hours a day over 6 months to market.

Maintenace and Labour

This will usually take little longer than the marketing, once the site is up and running for the small businesses ive worked for where the services have been pretty static. However if the products change quite a lot often then it will take longer than simply marketing.

Some Important Definitions

Hosting and Domain Names Definition

A definition for hosting can be found by clicking on this link: hosting definition. Youtube video. A definition for domain names can be found clicking on the following link: domain names definition. Youtube video.

Domain name and Hosting Suppliers

I am looking to make 5 more websites and charge up to £110 in design costs between now and 1st September 2021. This price will be dependent upon you supplying your own images, and having a good idea of what you want to write on the website. Other mandatory charges include domain names, hosting and maintenance. I use for domain names; their prices are here. I use for hosting, as their support is better than anyone else i've used and their introductory prices are good.