Instagram Marketing Non Obvious Setup Notes

Instagram on a Desktop Vs Phone Vs Tablet Vs Website

When Instagram is used on a desktop, there is less functionality, than on an IPhone or Android version.The desktop version installed on a Mac or PC has more functionality than the website version. The Phone and Tablet versions have the same amount of functionality as each other. Some of the differences in functionality are on this instagram mobile V desktop link. It boils down to features to do with editing and uploading of some images and videos not being available. Its best to get a phone or tablet when editing instagram my experience is that some features are not clearly unavailable, like uploading pictures in the website version. I found I couldnt do that but it didnt tell me the images werent uploaded.

Ive been deliberately vague about the differences in functionality between these apps because they do change at unpredictable times. So its best to realise that if you want the full functionality for editing or uploading use the phone or tablet app and if you want to look at sites use a pc or website. Bear in mind you can get to the website on the phone tablet as well as pc. however you need a phone or tablet for full functionality editing.

Setting Up Your Profile

Choosing a username and name is critical to the search, as Instagram only searches by name and username (page 22).

Notice how the name is different from the username, in the following image.

The name in my case is just above the website address.

Your username should: represent your brand, be distinguishable and describe what you do. Choosing a username that is different from your business name may confuse Instagram users as to whether or not your account is the official one for your business, so only minor variations from your business name should be used.

Changing your username will cause all back links to be broken so only so choose a good one from the outset.

Choosing a Profile That Attracts More Customers

Your profile photo is visible when you post anything or engage with users in any way. It should be the same across all social media, thus assuring the users they have found the right account.

Since it will appear on as a thumbnail it should not be overwhelming cluttered with text or busy.


This should be like a 30 Second elevator pitch to convince users to follow your account. Choose two or three aspects of your business that the user can connect with on an emotional level, for your ideal target audience.

You should also choose the BIO that suits the profession you are connected to. For example if your content is humorous choose one with humour. If your content is serious your BIO should be classy and professional.

It’s best to review your BIO every six months to make sure that it is still accurate.

The Last Line of the BIO

This should be a URL to click onto to drive traffic to your website.

Formatting the BIO

In an android a return key press means the line will be formatted as the end of the line. If there is a space or an emoji the return key will not be formatted. A newline will not be created by a return key in an ios or desktop.

Instagram was designed for use on a mobile so it’s best to format it in on a mobile, so you don’t lose the formatting. On a desktop the BIO will be one long line spanning the width of the screen regardless of the formatting.

For a more serious/professional IG, you can use more serious emojis like squares triangles and diamonds and arrows instead of funny faces.

There should be a call to action next to the link in the BIO, it should have and state a purpose like:”shop our styles”, “get your free eBook here”. When this is set up, experiment with different call to actions (CTAs) to see which drives more traffic to your website.

Choosing a BIO Link that Encourages More Clicks

Your BIO link is the most effective way to generate traffic on your profile. So it should take visitors to the exact page you are promoting. E.g. if you are promoting ticket sales your BIO link should be to the booking page.

You are only allowed one clickable link in your BIO.

Analytics Tracking

In order to track the source of clicks to your website, you need to use a URL shortener with an analytics package tool such as: Bitly, and Rebrandly.

These tools are customisable so that links can include abbreviated versions of your business name, so that the user clicking on them will recognise them as yours.

Instagram Business and Facebook Business

Your IG Business Account has to be connected to one and only one FB business page.

You can manage the IG Comments and engagement through your FB account.

Hitting Your Target Audience

Without a strategy posting photos videos and images do not amount to much.

Top Reasons For Joining IG

Brand awareness: to potential customers

Engagement: Meet and interact with your potential customers

Increase Web Traffic: Drive traffic to your site or blog.

Content Distribution: Disseminate useful content about your product.

Lead generation: collecting data for list building and sales prospecting.

Community Building: Gather a community of people who love and engage with your brand.

Customer Support: Answer questions, field complaints and accept compliments.

The Team Needed To Carry Out These Tasks

Social media manager:

This person is responsible for, The strategy, assist in the hiring of staff; creates the account, manages the passwords, sets up the profile.

Content Creator

He or she organises all the content to be shared on the account. To do this he or she needs experience with photography and graphics as IG needs professional looking photos and videos

Also responsible for: posting, sharing and scheduling, posts as well as storing posts to be shared later

Community manager

Responsibilities include: following, liking and commenting on other Instagram accounts, actively listening to your audience and community. This aids the anticipation of problems, this will also allow him or her to take advantage of opportunities to promote the business.

Campaigns manager

This person should do promotions, contests and giveaways including paid advertising, working with other accounts for shared exposure.

The campaign manager works closely with the content creator often giving story board ideas.

Analytics Manager

Tracks all activity on the account including: followers, post performance, campaign results, hash tag winners and more. He shares the results of what he has tracked with the team so that they can make informed decisions about what is and isn’t working.

Determine Your Brand Voice

Review several examples from your content and figure out what you want your brand to convey.

Figure out what they have in common and note which ones don’t fit, so they know what you don’t want your brand to sound like.

Choose three words that you want your brand to convey for instance a day-care business might choose: nurturing, diverse, joyful. Then breakdown how these words will be conveyed in your brand. For example:

Nurturing: loving, safe, cuddly ,warm, kind, patient

Diverse: multiple programs, cultural awareness, inclusive.

Joyful: happy, fun, musical, laughter.

Make sure your team is on board with your brand voice.

Show content that embodies those words so they know how you want the words to be used.

Review your brand voice at least once every six months to make sure it still works. View a large sample to make sure its inline with the brand voice and adjust anything that isn’t working, also see if there is a new word you would like to add.